The Power of Social Television: Most Watched TV Sereis in Ramadan 2013

July 20, 2013 — 1 Comment

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Social Media has always been used as a discussion hub for different type of topics, whether it was discussing feelings, social causes, politics and entertaining topics. Studies has revealed that people love to discuss what they are watching on TV on Social Media, TV channels started to realize and build on that in order to keep their audience and redirect new ones.

Ramadan in the Arab world is not just a month of spirituality but by time it has been the month of entertainment, lots of TV series are being introduced each year and they are increasing by time, The following is a basic review about the  talked about TV series in Ramadan 2013 , and how people talk about them online. I will also be looking at the top TV channels performance on Social Media during the first 10 days of Ramadan,

1. Most Watched on Youtube

The below graph shows the number of videos created for each TV sereis on youtube, whether this video is on an official channel or even uploaded by a regular user. The Series with highest number of videos created was Hekayat Hayyah by Ghada Abd El Razek, comes next with 300 videos created is El Arraf for famous Egyptian comedian Adel Emam.

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The below are the cumulative estimate number of views for each TV series on different Youtube channels. The most viewed show with 20M views is Hekayat Hayyah for Ghada Abd El Razek, comes second with 16M views Mazag EL Kheir for Mostafa Shabaan.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.09.05 PM

Each series has an estimate number of views per video/episode uploaded, the distribution for the 5 most viewed series are as follows:

1. Hakayt Hayyah 50K estimate views per video

2. Mazag EL Kheir 60K estimated views per video

3. EL Arraf 40K estimated views per video

4. Asia 20K estimated views per video

5. Esm Moaaqt 15K estimated views per video

2. Most Talked About on Twitter

The below graph shows the total number of discussions on twitter about each show and about the actors as well. The most talked about show on twitter is El Araaf for Adel Emam with 7K discussions, however 60% of the discussions are negative. Comes second is Esm Moaat for Youssef El Shereef with almost 4K discussions, 40% of discussions are positive, 15% negative the remaining 45% are neutral but they are mostly questions about the show.

The most talked about actor is Adel Emam with almost 4K discussions, comes second Amr Youssef  from Neeran Sadeqa with 3K discussions  35% of the discussions about Amr Youssef are comparisons between Youssef’s role as a preacher and Hany Salama role as a preacher in his TV series EL Daaya. Comparison is 100% pro Amr Youssef in playing the role in a much more convincing way than Hany Salama.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.02.27 PM

3. Most Talked About on Facebook

The Below are the total number of discussions on Facebook about the shows and the actors, comes in first place like twitter el Arraf for Adel Emam followed by Esm Moaat Youssef El Shereef, however the conversations total on Facebook are almost double to the ones on twitter. The total number of conversations of all shows on Facebook are 58.7K conversations while on twitter they are 34.7K

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.26.46 PM

4. Channels Performance

This year in Ramadan channel’s performance have changed in using Social Media, channels started to learn from international examples how to use Social TV. The top channels this year are CBC Egypt, Dream TV and MBC Masr

CBC Network has 3 main channels CBC, CBC Drama & CBC+2, total number of fans on CBC network are 1.6M with totals of 72K subscribers and 3.5M views on CBC Drama on Youtube and 201K subscribers and 22.5M views on CBC Egypt. CBC this year started promoting their Youtube channel on TV, with a simple promo informing fans how they can watch their shows directly on Youtube

Dream TV this year had a brand lifting in terms of exclusive content and in terms of the look. Dream TV launched its Youtube channel in Q1 in 2013 in preparation for Ramadan, they have 22.5K subscribers and 1.5M total views. Their facebook page has 208.4K fans, yet their interactivity is a bit low.

MBC network is the first and strongest in the region in using Social Television, MBC Masr their newest channel started competing this year in Ramadan along with other TV channels. MBC Masr Page has 260K fans, the page is pretty interactive with different polls and TV schedules , and 167K followers on twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 4.12.09 PM

MBC Masr always promotes the Hashtags of different TV shows in their promos and during the airing of the show. They have different Hashtags by the name of each show and one main hashtag which is #رمضان_يجمعنا for other shows and programs or even regular content.

Al Nahar TV Channel also has a solid online presence with 1.7M fans and a very good usage of shows hashtags both on Facebook and Twitter. Their Youtube channel has 92.6K subscribers and 21.5M views,

5. Shows with Online Presence

For the first time this year in Egypt a TV sereis started using Social Media to promote for the show and even mentioning their social assets during the intro of the show. Neeran Sadeeqa this year followed the lead of Internation Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Suits & Lost and created their own Social Assets Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 4.25.15 PM

Neeran Sadeeqa has 5K subscribers and 240K views on their Youtube channel, 500 followers on twitter and  14K Fans on their Facebook page, their interaction is mainly episodes reviews episodes videos and behind the scene and press photos. Neeran Sadeeqa also used their promos and Intros to promote for their assets, for the first time in Egypt.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 4.33.02 PM

It seems that people working in the industry started to realize the importance of Social Media and started to effectively use it, however this is just the beginning, we still have a lot of time till we reach the level of Social TV maturity.

Let me know what you think of this post and let me know where do you see the future of Social TV going in Egypt

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    I believe it’s so near. Cable TV. Yalla ba2a ya Telecom industry!

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