Ramadan is the highest season of Social Media conversations in the middle east, from talking about ads, to discussing TV series to sharing food and more. This year we have also added the tragic events that took place in Gaza and the world cup in the conversation matrix to bring you a full review on what took place online in MENA and Egypt in Specific.

We at the Digital Media Science the first intelligence applied digital research agency in MENA and with our previous line of work in research in Ramadan and any buzzing seasons, couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring you the data. 

  Main conversations rising where about 

  1. World Cup- Highest Day of Interaction  and conversations was July 13-14 world Cup Final coverage and aftermath
  2. Thanweya Amma: July 15-16 day of the results and aftermath
  3. Ghaza  was almost flat until July 7 and conversation peaked on July 18-19 when the invasion as Air-Land and Civil.
  4. Most conversations about Ghaza are from Media accounts
  5. Food managed to be stable all over ramadan keeping a stead 10% of conversations all over the month
  6. Series kept a steady rate of 20%-30% most talked about and improved series that caused was Ibn Halal discussing a real story of the murder story of Singer Layla Ghofran daughter
  7. Ads interaction and conversations decreased from last Ramadan 2013. Day with the most buzz was from July 6-8 Pepsi ad launch

Unlike previous years in Ramadan series took a big part of the conversations online and on social networks in particular 

  1. Most shared type of content for series on Social Networks (FB and Twitter) were images rather than videos
  2. Type of images that where shared where 70% comics and MEME’s of series scenes, inspired by show content
  3. This year unlike 2013 TV series interactions were 80% higher than last year

As for ads which where the core of our conversation in Ramadan in our previous report they took a much lower part 

  1. Most shared type of content for TV ads on Social Networks (FB and Twitter) were videos rather than images
  2. However video shares included a higher number of text between criticizing the ad and between showing favoritism
  3. This year unlike 2013 TV Ads interactions are 60% lower than last year

This year unlike previous years the competition was fierce between TV networks in Egypt, below are the main take outs 

  1. On Youtube Al Hayat TV Network was the first in views which is almost double the views other networks like CBC and Al Nahar have made
  2. As for Facebook the competition was very high between the two red networks MBC Masr and Al Hayat engagement for MBC was 45% and with a close value to Al Hayat with 36% engagement
  3. The winning channel with the highest number of fans and growth was MBC Masr which made it to 5.3M likes during the month with almost 800K+ growth rate

This year we presented the TV Ratings for Series on Social Networks with specifics on Twitter 

  1. Top series on twitter that covered Egypt and KSA mainly where Bab El Hara, Sarya Abdeen and Ibn Halal with total of 500K conversations
  2. Top series on Facebook that covered mainly Egypt was Ibn Halal that made it to 10.9M conversations
  3. Top on Youtube was farq tawqeet which made it to an average of 15M views covering all uploaded versions of the series official and non official

Ramadan remains the season of conversations online which gives the opportunity to anyone to dig in the data and want to know more and study the behavior of users online. Stay tuned for more and more data about conversations buzz and more from the Digital Media Science

As 2013 is ending and industry pioneers are predicting a very competitive and revolutionary 2014 in the field of technology, we have decided to review some of the key highlights of 2013 on the Interent.

Taking a deeper and closer look on The Social Media Scene in MENA 2013. Between top technology news, internet penetration and some very interesting facts about Social Media behaviour in MENA.

Covering top campaigns, trends and brands in the market and taking a closer look at how people search and find data.


Hoping you find this presentation helpful and insightful





Last year we have presented and for the first time a comprehensive report for the most buzzing TV Ads in the month of Ramadan. However this year the buzz is much lower during to the political unrest in Egypt. This year we are not presenting extracts of the conversations , yet we are presenting a much more executive approach

Previous Success

The success of The Most Buzzing TV Ads in Ramadan 2012 report was remarkable, maybe because it was first report of its kind to be published in MENA. The report went viral from Day 1 getting 4,000 views in less than a week. it was added to the top featured presentations on SlideShare.com home page for 24 hours. To date the report has 7,400 views 1,200 Shares & Likes on Facebook 600 shares on twitter and 850 shares on LinkedIn. The report also was requested by emails from more than 25 agencies and companies to measure their Ramadan campaigns performance. The thing that indicts the urge of this type of content.

Research Philosophies

This research was built on valid and reliable data and its totally unbiased and objective. Each step was take in an unbiased manner and drawn each conclusion to the best ability and without Introducing researchers vested interest. Data gathered are analyzed in both qualitative and quantitative approaches.  

During the holy month of Ramadan the viewership of TV increases by 45% and as Ramadan is the month of religion and spirituality most famous Muslim Preachers work all year in creating their TV show. This year and as always we have 4 most trending shows by the 4 most famous preachers in the Arab World. 1.Lucifer Steps by Moaaz Masoud 2.Andalous Story by Amr Khaled 3. Khawater by Ahmed El Shuqiri 4. People of Heavn  Mostafa Hosny

1. Most Viewed on Youtube

The below are the recent number of video views on shows official youtube channel, Ahmed EL Shuqairi and his show Khawater is in first place wit 1.2M views with an average of 40K views per episode. Comes next is Qest El Andlous for Amr Khaled with 5.9K views.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 3.14.58 PM

2. Most Talked About Show on Twitter

The most talked about show on twitter is Khawater for Ahmed Shugari with a total of 80K conversations, and he is the most talked about preacher on twitter with a total of 28.2K conversations

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 3.06.38 PM

3. Most Talked About Show on Facebook

The most talked about show on Facebook is Khawater with 500K conversations, yet the most talked about preacher is Amr Khaled for 102K conversations

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 3.08.43 PM

4. Preachers Personal Pages Performance

There were a lot of un official show pages and fan pages created for the preachers however the below numbers are directly from their official and verified pages. When it comes to twitter Ahmed El Shugairi has the highest number of followers with 3.7M followers.

As for Facebook Amr Khaled has the highest number of fans with 7M total fans, lets look at the engagement Rate of each page:

  1. Amr Khaled: 3.5%
  2. Moez Masoud: 6.9% 
  3. Mostaf Hosny : 13%
  4. Ahmed Al Shugari: 8.3%

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 2.59.08 PM

5. Shows Virality & Share of Voice

The below is a basic table that shows the percentage of viraility and share of voice of each show based on its social interaction numbers

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 3.54.55 PM

All the above data stated in this post shows that the least watched and loved show for the month of Ramadan was Qest El Andlus by Amr Khaled,although he has the highest numbers of fans on Faceebok.  And the most watched and loved show is Khawater by Ahmed el Shugairi. However Mostafa Hosny scored better when it comes to virality and SOV but that is because his page has the highest engagement rate of all 4 pages.

Let me know your insights about the post and shows!

The concept of Social Television is highly increasing in the west precisely in America. One of the approaches in boosting Social TV is Second Screen Viewing, which is used to describe a second device (Smartphone, Tablet,Notebook) that is used by the audience to interact with live TV content. This approach is used by big players in the TV industry like CBS, Fox, and MTV. There are 4 main types of Second Screen Apps that helps broadcasters increase their hype.


1. TV Schedule Apps. apps that are built to show TV or movie programs with their airtime for channels. 2.Social Viewing Apps. Also know as Check-in Apps- used to interact with social networks while watching TV example for that will be GetGlue 3. Companion apps are used for a certain TV show it acts like a platform that offers different and extra show content to enrich the show engaging experience. 4. Live Stream Apps: which are used to increase the show reach to the internet users

MBC is the first in the MENA region to adopt this concept they have created different Second Screen apps in the Past like The Voice App, Omar Series App, and MBC Movie Guide, Lately in July 19th they have launched their first integrated app MBC Now for iOS. The following will be a basic review of the features of the App and how it can be used.

As a start the only problem that I have faced with that app is its usability it took me 15 minutes to figure it out, and I am used to figure out apps in 5 minutes or less. Also the loading time is a bit of a drawback.

1. Content Database

For any Second Screen app to be a success it needs to highly depend on content and that has been done through the MBC Now application with the TV Schedule and the Programs News and Clips.

The below screen is the Home Screens of the apps which includes a feed news, clips and pictures of your favorite show.

news feed

Home Feed


Each show has its own page with its own related media and viewing times and even live discussions boards. Through each show you can easily set reminders and to favorites and share the show and any piece of its content directly with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

show contnet

Show Page Content

2. Interaction

Interaction is a highly important factor in any Second Screen Apps, each show has the I Watched This button which tells your community what have you been watching and it works as a counter in the most trending shows tab. You get to sync your updates with your Twitter an Facebook profile to let your social community know what have you been watching.

Each show has its own discussion board which give the community the chance to say what they feel about certain shows and share them with the world


Show Interactivity- Discussion Boards

3. Trending Programs & Schedules

Its simple when you click the I Watched This button it automatically redirects to the show page and whenever the views increase the show gets a higher viewer ratings,


Trending Shows


You get to browse all the shows on all 8 Channels of MBC (MBC 1, MBC2, MBC4, MBC Max, MBC Action, MBC Drama, MBC Masr, MBC Masr+2) you get to choose the desired show time the desired day and browse through all channels to see whats on TV at the moment.

Shows and sche

TV Schedule

4. Personalization

By choosing the shows you favorite most you get to view all its content in your news feed, however your profile page is the hub of all your favorite shows, your watched shows, your discussions and your show reminders.

show personlization 2

Profiel Page


While you are viewing the shows you can easily set show reminders to let the app send you push notifications right before your favorite show.



Show Reminders



Thats basically what the app is all about , yet its only available for iOS no signs for and android version yet I believe that it will be rolling out soon. Try the app and let me know what you think of it.


Social Media is no longer an optional vehicle that brands embrace, its now a mandatory aspect of any brands Marketing Mix. In late 2012 brands started to incorporate their facebook page in their offline advertising like adding their Facebook page on Billboards, TVC,  and flyers. This year Danone Egypt explored the SMS services to promote for their Facebook page.

The integration of the SMS service is much more effective in redirecting fans to Facebook than the integration with TVCs & Billboards. Based on the MCIT statistics for June 2013 the number of mobile subscribers in Egypt is  94.5M subscribers with 113% penetration and and 0.24% as a monthly growth. Danone Egypt discovered that potential and worked on utilizing it, yet still not the maximum potential.

On Tuesday July 16, at 10AM I received the below SMS from Danone Egypt, wishing me a happy Ramadan and asking me to visit their Facebook page to see their new recipes featuring Chef Youssry 

photo copy

I admired the concept and I visited their Facebook page to see what new ideas Danone has for an Activation in Ramadan 2013. Danone has three main activations for Ramadan 2013. The first one is a simple daily recipe featuring Chefy Youssry .

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 1.41.26 PM

Their second activation is daily tips from Chef Youssry to fans and chance to meet him in person. The chance of meeting Chef Youssry will be give to the 30 most active fans on Danone Egypt Facebook page. Danone Egypt is encouraging fans to be active ,share, comment and like posts for a chance to win. The activations till now are performing very well with a very high engagement rate reaching 7.4% engagement while the average ER of the Home\Cooking Industry is 5.6%

Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 1.41.48 PM

Danone’s last activation is a simple application called “El Mesahraty” which is a continuing move to their SMS campaign. Fans get to click and enter their phone number to receive daily tip at Sohor time directly to their mobile. The good thing about this application is that you can easily deactivate the subscription using the Mesharaty Facebook App.


I had to wait to see what kind of tips they might be sending so I did subscribe and I waited to see and I received the below tip from Danone, I do hope to see different type of tips in the upcoming days that has higher value like, how to stay dehydrated how to eat and not being bloated etc. I will keep an eye on the SMS service and updated you if I received anything different.


Let me know if you think that Danone Egypt is utilizing the SMS service in promoting their page and how you see the future of online vs. offline integration.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.59.05 PM

Social Media has always been used as a discussion hub for different type of topics, whether it was discussing feelings, social causes, politics and entertaining topics. Studies has revealed that people love to discuss what they are watching on TV on Social Media, TV channels started to realize and build on that in order to keep their audience and redirect new ones.

Ramadan in the Arab world is not just a month of spirituality but by time it has been the month of entertainment, lots of TV series are being introduced each year and they are increasing by time, The following is a basic review about the  talked about TV series in Ramadan 2013 , and how people talk about them online. I will also be looking at the top TV channels performance on Social Media during the first 10 days of Ramadan,

1. Most Watched on Youtube

The below graph shows the number of videos created for each TV sereis on youtube, whether this video is on an official channel or even uploaded by a regular user. The Series with highest number of videos created was Hekayat Hayyah by Ghada Abd El Razek, comes next with 300 videos created is El Arraf for famous Egyptian comedian Adel Emam.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 12.51.56 PM

The below are the cumulative estimate number of views for each TV series on different Youtube channels. The most viewed show with 20M views is Hekayat Hayyah for Ghada Abd El Razek, comes second with 16M views Mazag EL Kheir for Mostafa Shabaan.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 1.09.05 PM

Each series has an estimate number of views per video/episode uploaded, the distribution for the 5 most viewed series are as follows:

1. Hakayt Hayyah 50K estimate views per video

2. Mazag EL Kheir 60K estimated views per video

3. EL Arraf 40K estimated views per video

4. Asia 20K estimated views per video

5. Esm Moaaqt 15K estimated views per video

2. Most Talked About on Twitter

The below graph shows the total number of discussions on twitter about each show and about the actors as well. The most talked about show on twitter is El Araaf for Adel Emam with 7K discussions, however 60% of the discussions are negative. Comes second is Esm Moaat for Youssef El Shereef with almost 4K discussions, 40% of discussions are positive, 15% negative the remaining 45% are neutral but they are mostly questions about the show.

The most talked about actor is Adel Emam with almost 4K discussions, comes second Amr Youssef  from Neeran Sadeqa with 3K discussions  35% of the discussions about Amr Youssef are comparisons between Youssef’s role as a preacher and Hany Salama role as a preacher in his TV series EL Daaya. Comparison is 100% pro Amr Youssef in playing the role in a much more convincing way than Hany Salama.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.02.27 PM

3. Most Talked About on Facebook

The Below are the total number of discussions on Facebook about the shows and the actors, comes in first place like twitter el Arraf for Adel Emam followed by Esm Moaat Youssef El Shereef, however the conversations total on Facebook are almost double to the ones on twitter. The total number of conversations of all shows on Facebook are 58.7K conversations while on twitter they are 34.7K

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.26.46 PM

4. Channels Performance

This year in Ramadan channel’s performance have changed in using Social Media, channels started to learn from international examples how to use Social TV. The top channels this year are CBC Egypt, Dream TV and MBC Masr

CBC Network has 3 main channels CBC, CBC Drama & CBC+2, total number of fans on CBC network are 1.6M with totals of 72K subscribers and 3.5M views on CBC Drama on Youtube and 201K subscribers and 22.5M views on CBC Egypt. CBC this year started promoting their Youtube channel on TV, with a simple promo informing fans how they can watch their shows directly on Youtube

Dream TV this year had a brand lifting in terms of exclusive content and in terms of the look. Dream TV launched its Youtube channel in Q1 in 2013 in preparation for Ramadan, they have 22.5K subscribers and 1.5M total views. Their facebook page has 208.4K fans, yet their interactivity is a bit low.

MBC network is the first and strongest in the region in using Social Television, MBC Masr their newest channel started competing this year in Ramadan along with other TV channels. MBC Masr Page has 260K fans, the page is pretty interactive with different polls and TV schedules , and 167K followers on twitter.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 4.12.09 PM

MBC Masr always promotes the Hashtags of different TV shows in their promos and during the airing of the show. They have different Hashtags by the name of each show and one main hashtag which is #رمضان_يجمعنا for other shows and programs or even regular content.

Al Nahar TV Channel also has a solid online presence with 1.7M fans and a very good usage of shows hashtags both on Facebook and Twitter. Their Youtube channel has 92.6K subscribers and 21.5M views,

5. Shows with Online Presence

For the first time this year in Egypt a TV sereis started using Social Media to promote for the show and even mentioning their social assets during the intro of the show. Neeran Sadeeqa this year followed the lead of Internation Shows like Grey’s Anatomy, 24, Suits & Lost and created their own Social Assets Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 4.25.15 PM

Neeran Sadeeqa has 5K subscribers and 240K views on their Youtube channel, 500 followers on twitter and  14K Fans on their Facebook page, their interaction is mainly episodes reviews episodes videos and behind the scene and press photos. Neeran Sadeeqa also used their promos and Intros to promote for their assets, for the first time in Egypt.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 4.33.02 PM

It seems that people working in the industry started to realize the importance of Social Media and started to effectively use it, however this is just the beginning, we still have a lot of time till we reach the level of Social TV maturity.

Let me know what you think of this post and let me know where do you see the future of Social TV going in Egypt

Like every year brands find their own space in the digital world, and use their Social Media channels to communicate heavily with their fans during this Holy month. Ramadan is know to be one of the months with the highest engagement in the year, based on studies, the Engagement is 40% higher in Ramadan than another month of the year.

The following are some of the Activations that have been done during the first days of Ramadan 2013, the ones that are worth to look at, and are perceived to have the highest engagement

1. Maggi Around The World

Nestle Egypt  started their aggressive social media presence in the first quarter in 2013, and as all brands they couldn’t have missed the opportunity to engage their fans during the Holy Engaging Month of Ramadan.

The idea is simple Ramdan is the month of spirituality and yet the month of food, Maggi is going throughout the world and bringing different recipes from around the world to their fanpage. The activation has an engagement rate of 2.07% a very good rate for the first 4 days of Ramadan, yet it somehow depended on promoted posts, to activate the engagement.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 11.47.28 AM

2. Fawazeer Nestle

Another activation by Nestle Egypt, in a form of application, the idea is a basic fawazeer (riddles) , each day a different riddle is introduced through the application. The riddles are a from of word riddles, mix and match, hearing riddles etc. The application itself is so attractive in terms of design, and it is so entertaining to the users. The application is a success so far,  based on a testimonial from Mohamed Abo EL Fotoh, Digital Marketing Manager , Nestle: the app gained 1400 registers in just four days.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 11.54.50 AM

3. Vodafone Egypt

Vodafone Egypt has three different activations this year 1. El Meshayraty:  (The Shareholic) : which is a Facebook application based on their newly released TVC, asking fans to share different kind of pictures showing how beautiful Egypt is to the whole world

2. Fawazeer Ramadan: basic riddles asking fans about different services of Vodafone for a chance to win free mobile minutes

3. Facebook posts that shows daily tips to keep people going through Ramadan

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 12.38.24 PM

4. Activia Egypt “Mariam Chronicles”

Activia Egypt inrtoduced a new chracter on their page during Ramadan. The character is a reflection of their target audience, a 28 years old mom, she is going to bring Activia fans different stories and tips form her everyday stories. Her frist post was a simple recipe for Ramadan with yogurt that is healthy and will relief from stomach pain.


5. La Poire Egypt “Ramadan Stories”

Last year La Pore Egypt had a very interesting riddles video series called “Es7a we E7sa”  this year they are into the real life stories of Ramadan, and how people make the most out of Ramadan no matter how tough their day is. La Poire have three different type of posts 1.Sa3a fel Konafa  which is a series of small stories right before iftar that kills time and inspired by real life situations. 2. Mouth Watering Teasing Pictures to the Fasting Fans

3. Posts based on the “Story of the Dessert” competition, La Poire is going to have different visuals throughout Ramadan with stories and history of the most known Ramadan Desserts. Fans are asked to share and make up different stories for the mentioned desserts, winners will win a discount coupon from la’ Pore and La Poire will post their stories on the page.

The overall engagement of the page increased during the beginning of Ramadan Engagement rate is 1.6 with 3000+ Likes 2000+ shares, yet I predict that not all of the engagement is organic.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 12.27.12 PM

6. Pepsi Masr Cover Photo Design

After releasing their Nostalgic TVC featuring some of the Childhood figures in the 90s Pepsi created a Cover Photo Maker, where you add your picture choose the Character you want to appear with and your cover photo will be created.

Screen Shot 2013-07-14 at 12.54.03 PM

The above where the top 6 Facebook activations on Facebook during the first 5 days of Ramadan, yet I believe  more activations will start rolling out in the upcoming weeks.

During the reoccurring clutter every year in the Arab and Egyptian Television in Particular during the month of Ramadan, Brands find  their own space in the Digital world. In this report you will find an overview of all the ads that where aired in Ramadan 2012. You will have access to their online performance , this report will also be zooming on the two most buzzing TV Ads in the month of Ramadan. This Report wont include the digital efforts of the brands, it will only discuss the buzz created around the ads.

This report will be discussing the most buzzing TV ads during this month of Ramadan , and how they were shared and talked about online. The two top ads where for Nestle Maxibon and Etisalat Customer Service

Close Up Egypt works on spicing up things with this year Valentines day by providing couples with all what they need to do their perfect proposal, whether they are still not married or married couples who wants to renew their love!  The idea of the Facebook app is simple you register your name and your data, tell the the story of your proposal and send a couple picture. Winners will be randomly selected and Close up is going to handle the proposal form A-Z.

the app

Close Up have created a good hype with videos and posts about their activation in order to engage  users as much as they can, check out their interactive video

The total engaged users in the campaign are 4,000 which makes their engagement rates 3.3%, Close up is supporting the app and posts with a paid campaign 25% of their engagement is from their paid campaign

posts picture

we love the posts the close up are including to increase the engagement on their app, we predict that after they select the winners they will take live pictures from the proposal to post it on their Facebook page, for the hype and for the competition credibility.

Let us know how you see the Close Up idea for Valentines ? Rate it in terms of creativity and execution from 1-5, 5 is the highest

Agency: EgyWeb